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This website is owned by PYRAMIS INTERNATIONAL TIN 095383317 & TaxGIT Athens. The Department Chair is ERMOU 23-25, GR-105 63, Syntagma, Athens. M.H.TE 0206 E 60000534400. 
For every booking made by the website or phone the user gives explicitcommand to automatically Pyramis International to broker providing travel service to him. The detention order by the binding with the corresponding conditions change - cancellation of the supplier after it has been updated andhas been accepted in the booking process. To be able to create or manageonline booking should you register in our system. The information you providerelating solely by the user and should be valid otherwise the companyreserves the right to exclude entry to the reservation system. The onlinereservation process consists of four stages of detention. Search - Select -Reservation - Payment. To confirm a reservation, the hotel voucher and sende-ticket you informed by e-mail. The ferry tickets are sent to you by post or collected from our stores. 
The Pyramis International acts as a mediator of travel services. Notresponsible for any unavailability of service in case of error - failure of the supplier. Also do not assume any liability for lost luggage cases, personal injury, death, property damage or other damages resulting from partner services - our suppliers. In the event of delays, cancellations, strikes, overbooking our company has direct control and is not responsible.Nevertheless guarantees the best possible service. The information publishedand provided by the supplier and privacy policy concerning the responsibilities of the supplier and not the Pyramis International. 
User using this web site warrants that are over 18 years old and accept the terms of electronic trading Pyramis International and the supplier - the supplier and the terms of participation in an organized trip. The registration informationmust be correct as responsible only user. In cases of legal action by the company reserves the right to exclude from our website and any service. 
The possibility of changing or canceling tickets or hotel determined by the booking conditions of the supplier and not by Pyramis International. In case of changes, the user should be informed in writing of our company anddepending on each case, the costs borne by the customer. Only in case of change or cancellation on the part of the supplier or our company the user is not burdened cost. Cancellation any refunds can take from 30-60 days. Our company also provides additional services other than those availableelectronically through our website as tours, transfers, car hire and ancillary services such as baggage tickets, online check in etc.. In these cases, theservice process is done by phone at 2103272200 . 
By credit card: User can pay with credit cards VISA & MASTERCARD and with most debit cards automatically through our system or even filling out anauthorization form for payment by credit card, which along with the photocopyof the credit card and the identity of the passport or send us a fax to2103232527 or e-mail: The responsibility to protectpersonal data lies with the user and the partner bank. Our company uses the most reliable secure payment and transfer of personal data laid down in the relevant legislation, but is not responsible for any leakage of personal dataand credit card information. 
Cash or bank deposit: The user can make a reservation by telephone orelectronically and the payment be made by cash (<1500 €) to our offices or byfiling one of the accounts of our company ALPHA BANK: 120 00 23 20 00 21 01 - EUROBANK: 0026000 3010200153644 - COMMERCIAL: 022 84 36 59 98- NATIONAL: 104 47 13 49 40 - BENEFICIARY: Pyramis International 
Ways to contact us vary. Apart from the automatic option of booking -Payment and shipping voucher hotel & ticket there and able to communicatewith us via e-mail:, phone & fax 21032325272103272200. mission of travel documents is automatic after your paymentthrough e -mail or post. In each case the user is responsible to inform the company about the invalid to send them directly to arrange for any omission. 
The content of this website belongs to Pyramis International. Any copying,distribution, transmission and processing of information from this site without the written permission of our company. Any misleading the public about thecontent and the provider of this website is prohibited. 
The Pyramis International has the right to update or modify the Terms and Conditions of this web site without obligation to timely inform the user. 
The legal relations between the user of this website and the Pyramis International determined by the Greek Law. Responsible for resolving disputesthat may arise between the parties shall be the courts of Athens.